Sunday, 24 April 2011

The Manipala Vista-Version 1

AIIMS-2010 (Not qualified)
AFMC-2010(Not qualified)
JIPMER-2010(Not qualified)
And the list goes on and on...
Okay, fine.Hurray!

A checklist of unsuccessful stories with only one feather in cap. Manipal it is!
From north to south, a landlocked zone to the peninsula, a totally different lifestyle and what not? These are few of 'in the mind' I had before and while travelling to the Deccan Plateau, more precisely the Western Ghats. You could have an idea by now how deep was I thinking about this new era 'The Manipala Vista'.

Scholars Influx :
The month of July, almost drawn to its end and it is monsoon in most part of South. Manipal welcomed us on wet grounds(since it was pouring), the all drenched look, no scent heavier than the damp whiff of mud.  Manipal University awaited the arrival of its lately enrolled students.And  made it to the 'Orientation Session' first day. Interacted with soon going-to-be alter egos as well as came to know about chief personalities, would like to mention one, 'The Chief Warden', who reminded me of one of the impressive bollywood retro actor Late.Amrish Puri and I couldn't remain silent without whispering that one word-Mogambo!(I guess many of us know by now that the term is so apt). No pun intended.

Next task being to delve a bit deeper and uncover some of Manipal's secrets, the place had in store for us.
The Holy Radiance
Started off with an early morning excursion to Manipal end point, and was amazed to see nature in its most alluring attitude. The early morning sun, rovering clouds, the grass underneath my feet which added to the comfort of mind.For that moment, it felt like heaven. And then the sudden cloudburst, no mirror better to provide the sky's agony.
                               And soon it was college then hostel (for intermission-The Food Court).  Life moves on, went through(still go through and will have to for 4 more years) the seemingly unending lectures. The time paradox theory so fits into this life. I sometimes wish I had a watch like Mr. India, soon after attendance-VANISH!!! And the 75% compulsory attendance is like a stab on the back of any medico, can't help it.

Just for grins(J4G):
Life, after college gets over seems so enthusiastic and lively. I like almost everything, from the adamant security guards who ask brainless whys? of not having your combo card just that one day to people who transform library into yahoo messenger's chat room, and luckily you also have different subjects to click on and chat. From unexpected pouring to being broke in the midst of the month. From not having the favourite item on the menu to internet disconnection when we most need it.Duh!

Amidst all this my greatest escape is nature, had been since childhood. Kaup beach is my all time favourite  'R and R'(rest and recreation). I would never forget my first look at the Arabian Sea, I was all afraid. The bewildering waves, the furious flash of it, I felt forceless! But that was the day and it's now that, I no more fear it. Ask me, who did an unknown experiment with it-'The Banana Ride', had no clue that I would be thrown into the water in the midst of the HUGE sea, and that was the moment I rubbed eyeballs with 'Hell's grim tyrant'.All thanks to my friend for being all smiles, even when she could notice the hullabaloo in my voice and convulsions on face. Seriously!

This is one of the awesomest picture-a 2 mpx capture.

Go Greens:
The term has a totally different meaning to it when it comes to Manipal Life. KMC Greens, the centre for basic attraction, centre of zero gravity( during Diwali), centre to hold all  notable Manipal University functions. The major event that the stage at greens witnessed was the presence of H.E. Pratibha Patil, the President of India for the Convocation 2010.The fine decorations at greens and the area in the vicinity left me in awe.
Kanwar K.S. Photography

There is so much to blog endlessly about but, the above-cited are few of the things that describe the essence of Manipal, the way it is. And since, this is version-1 of Manipala Vista, and that I have a good amount of time to explore the abode for next few years, I feel like I could be the archaeologist for quite a longer duration.
Please bear in mind that the above mentioned is as per a first year students' gross anatomical excavation of a place. (How could I skip mentioning medical stream's most profound subject, and my all time favourite.).
Oops! I got the flesh out of him.
And I know that's a H.I.M.

More of it in Version-2.

Au revoir!


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  4. Thank you. I hope I continue in the same 'fashion'.